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I think it's worth to note that in 90% of cases you probably want to use onCreate for same purpose
This method is called after onStart() when the activity is being re-initialized from a previously saved state, given here in savedInstanceState. Most implementations will simply use onCreate(Bundle) to restore their state, but it is sometimes convenient to do it here after all of the initialization has been done or to allow subclasses to decide whether to use your default implementation. The default implementation of this method performs a restore of any view state that had previously been frozen by onSaveInstanceState(Bundle).
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Re: Listing 3.3 - onRestoreInstanceState
I'll add a sentence or two that note that after the listing.
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Re: Listing 3.3 - onRestoreInstanceState
Wait, before the listing it already says this:

"The most common way to restore values is just to use onCreate, but onRestoreInstanceState can be used if you want to separate this function from the initialization of other components. "

Is that enough, or do you think it needs to be more explicitly stated somewhere?