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lutzhank (61) [Avatar] Offline
MEAP 11/02/2010

Missing "the"

1) in 2.8.1, second paragraph last sentence
orig: "...method we have to do following"
suggestion: "...method we have to do the following"

2) 4th paragraph in 2.8.1
orig: "Scala following:"

suggestion: "Scala the following:"

Need for clarity, accentuation
3) In 2.8.1, third paragraph, 3rd line
orig: "...URL-encoded form entity."

This form entity is something special and later referenced as class "UrlEncodedFormEntity" but here just written in normal font.

4) 2.8.2 link to definition of parseArgs would be helpful

orig: "val params = parseArgs(args)"

Unknown code keeps the mind asking "What means parseArgs..." and may distract from understanding the following text.

suggestion: add comment // "parseArgs" see Listing 2.6

Corrected MEAP version
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