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Big step tonite, I called it 1.0 and uploaded to the Pygame website.

Big props to Warren and Carter, I'm a professional programmer but wouldn't have pushed past the "should try it" to "I did it" without the excellent book. Would appreciate any feedback!
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Re: Published my game
Darn, no feedback. I cleaned up the project tree so it's apparent how to start the game:

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Re: Published my game
Your game is great! I started with the tutorial. It was simple, quick, and taught me what to do quickly. I started chugging along (built the robot generator, the fuel station, and some more stuff generators) and suddenly, I was attacked. Lucky for me, the gun building's auto-fire took care of the first bombs. Then, you highlighted the "mouse to shoot" control so I would notice it. After that, the game is still fun and addicting. Thanks for making it!