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What is the [ CA] for in some of the method calls. Sometimes it's there and sometimes it isn''t. For instance on page 18/19 you show how to use the NSTimer method and use [ CA] in front of the :selector parameter in each case, but only in the final example do you use [ CA] in front of :repeats.

There is a small typo on page 18 section 1.4.3 the objective-c NSTimer example has [ CA} instead of [ CA]
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Re: What is [ CA]
The [ CA] in the code examples is formatting that means "line continuation". It will be removed when the book ends up going to print.

Sorry for the confusion.
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Re: What is [ CA]
Ha. I was looking up developer docs wondering 'what the h3ll is this [ CA] line-continuation thing? This is C-based, why line cont.....'

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