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lutzhank (61) [Avatar] Offline
MEAP 11/02/2010

1) Header for Listing 2.3
orig: "Listing 2.3 An ordinal class in Scala"

The following code is not a class in Scala and later the code is referenced as
"Ordinal.scala script...", but never marked as such, therefore
suggestion: change the original header in
"Listing 2.3 Ordinal.scala script"
which marks the code as the later referenced script.

2) After Listing 2.3, first paragraph, 4th line
"...longer need to provide a break for each case because in Scala you can’t overflow into other case clauses..."

"fall-through" might be another term for this behavior (read in Code Complete, Steve McConnell) and here

3) After Listing 2.3, first paragraph, second last sentence
"In Scala default is replaced with case..."

Font of the word "default" is the same as the words before and after, therefore it may not be clear on first read that the Java-"default" from the java example is meant here.

emphasize the word "default" e.g. via code-font.

4) After Listing 2.3, end of first paragraph
"To run the Ordinal.scala script, execute the following command
from a command prompt:
scala Ordinal.scala <your input>"

reason: may break the train of thought when running the script is done here, because before and after you talk about case.

Therefore my suggestion:
Close this introduction with the above text (execution of the script) at the end of the page, like
" ignores it without providing any sort of feedback.
To run the Ordinal.scala script..."

Corrected MEAP version
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