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I would like to ask you for the meaning of the following excerpt from ejb3 in action jboss samples: "<loader-repository>chapter1:app=ejb3</loader-repository>".

As I understand "app=ejb3" has no special meaning. It is only a property that is be passed to the jboss loader repository class. The content in <loader-repository></loader-repository> is a free form text required to contain ":" and unique to all MBeans in the current server instance running.

Am I correct? If you can add or change something to the said by me it is welcome.
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Re: jboss-app.xml questions
I had the following answer:

I hope it will save some time to the other users. I'm with mixed feelings I lost some time to discover that but it helped me to start thinking of exactly what I'm doing.

Thank you for the excellent book. It is very informative, compressed and funny. Not like many technical books. I just started with Ant and the samples are very interesting and useful. The most interesting thing for me is to recreate them using my IDE not using Ant. It is a very good excercise.