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Layout example provided will work. However if we're talking best practices -
Font sizes are normally defined in sp rather than in dp . ( TextView textSize )
layout_width and height - fill_parent is deprecated and replaced with match_parent.
Since were moving forward, it better use current SDK as a guideline and make a reference to old usage.
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Re: Section 1.2.4
Absolutely, on both points (just oversight on the sp/dp thing, and match_parent is the same constant as fill_parent, but we should favor the newer, agreed).

Thanks, I'll make sure this is updated.
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Re: Section 1.2.4
Actually, now that I think about it a bit more, Chapter 1 only uses the generated "Hello World" code, so I'm not sure exactly what this is referring to (I'll double check when I get a chance), but I don't think we should change it.

I'll make sure to use the latest ADT plugin and SDK, etc, and then go with whatever it generates.
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Re: Section 1.2.4
I did double check this, and it's what the ADT generates, so I don't plan to change it.