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This is not an error, but I want to make a comment on style. This book is, in my opinion, written in a very verbal form. Comming from academia, this isn't exactly according to my preference. But I accept it. smilie However, some places there are just too many words, and words that you start wondering what is the real meaning. One example; on page 18, last paragraph: XML isn't all bad. Why do you say this? From what I can remember, you haven't written anything beforehand about XML being bad. The next thing you say is that actually XML is good. Such additions are quite unnecessary. In my opinion, you could merely say that for Android XML makes a lot of sense. After all, this book is not about XML per se, it is about Android, and XML makes a lot of sense when it comes to separation of concern.

If you remove all unnecessary word fillings like this, you can spend more of the space writing useful things. smilie

There are other examples, but I guess you will understand what I mean by this example.
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Re: General comment - chapter 1
That is a tongue in cheek style comment, meant to add a bit of levity and explain at the same time. Many people consider XML to be heavyweight and verbose, and they groan if they have to work with it (whether we have said that up front, or not, that is the case, and it is generally known/understood). Hence the statement, and then the explanation that it's not bad in this context. This style might make more sense to native English speakers I guess (not sure whether or not you are a native English speaker, and I don't mean to imply either way, but in general I would guess that that style would make more sense to native speakers).

In any case I'll keep in mind that you feel it's too wordy, and try to cut it down. Thanks for the feedback.