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msbasanth (1) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Nish,

I am newbiew in C++/CLI. I am using C++/CLI to create a wrapper for a managed
library. I almost successfull in creating it with the help of your articles.

This is how it works.

Native C++ -> (Calls) -> C++/CLI Wrapper -> (Calls) -> C# library and returns the result back.

The wrapper header is a pure C++ file. I am loading Wrapper in Native library using static linking.

The header looks like this...

class NATIVEDLL_API Wrapper
// constructor
Wrapper(LPCTSTR uid);
virtual ~Wrapper();

int GetInfo(MyStruct* struct_out);

struct MyStruct
int length;
MyEnum enum;

I am using this MyStruct (its a struct) as a out parameter. It works for me, struct gets filled after the function returns.
But when we try to call this methhod continuously for about 1000 times it fails inside this function without any excepion.

Is this happens because of the pointer is getting cleaned by GC? Can you suggest a better way to write this method.

smithmw (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: C++ CLI Wrapper for C# Library pls help!
Post your code, and perhaps we can figure out what the problem is. And what do you mean by "it fails inside this function without any excepion"

- Matt