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rmcavalcante (2) [Avatar] Offline
What a waste of money!
Why authors couldn't just explain simple things and after that delve the subject a bit further using the subject inside their application?
They've just explained how their application uses the technology in each chapter.
But this is not all. If you want to understand how Intents and Services work you may have to come back in the book to understand why their application need to use what it uses on that chapter!
But I just wanted to know how to use a service!!!!!!
Why don't they cover topics like LocalxRemote Services ? How about Service process scope?
Ok, I may be unfair because I read only this chapter 4. But just the mere suspicion that the other chapters may be like that makes me seek.
Thanks for giving something in exchange of my money that doesn't serve me at all!

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frank.ableson (75) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Bad book

I would suggest that you start with reading chapter 1 and 2. Chapter 4 is a bit involved as a starting point.

Constructive feedback will be heard and appreciated. There are plenty of places to rant, but this is not one of them.

rmcavalcante (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Bad book

For what concerns your comment about constructive feedback, I have already done it.
The feedback can't be more direct than that.
IHO, the authors did not a good job on chapter 4. For me, there is no excuse for having a chapter about Services and explain nothing about the basics about Android Services and use a very complex code (with doubtable use of certain patterns), as I said on the previous post.
If you are or represent one of/all the authors or if you think this is a good book, good for you, for me it was still, unfortunately, a waste of my time and money.
After spending my time and resources, buying and reading this "peace of art", and being this a forum for this book, why can't the readers freely express the impressions about this book here? If this is not the right place for that as you said, could you please tell me where is it?

Best regards
frank.ableson (75) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Bad book

I am not arguing with your remarks about chapter 4 -- I will make sure that the author of that chapter sees your comments and we will evaluate what, if anything, we might do in response for the benefit of readers.

In my view, constructive feedback lacks sarcasm and petty remarks -- that falls into the category of ranting, which benefits no one.

If you are truly unhappy with the book after reading only the fourth chapter, I would suggest that you request a refund.


solveigbj (24) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Bad book
I believe the problem with your message was not its content, but its form; it was quite impolite. Whatever you think of the book, your criticism should be presented in a polite way. Also, the advantage of reading an unfinished book is that you really have an opportunity to change the content. However, this requires that you manage to pursuade the author that your ideas are good. So I encourage you to express your wishes in a constructive way.

Only my 2c smilie