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Hi everyone,

The latest MEAP update is out with the following changes:

1. All chapters have been updated to reflect changes suggested by technical editor. You'll now find that the book is structured better and is more readable.
2. The section on configuring MySQL database with Liferay has been moved from chapter 9 to appendix B
3. Appendix A is specific to GateIn portal and shows how to develop a web portal using GateIn.
4. Some of the images have been removed from the chapters to bring down the page count. Also, to keep the page count within limits, I had to let go a few nice-to-have suggestions received in the past from the forum and from technical review of the book.

The following text has been copied from the MEAP email that is sent out to MEAP readers:

This updated MEAP of Portlets in Action includes the entire book as it goes into production, where it will receive a copy edit and technical proofread. All 15 chapters have been revised and updated, and the book's two appendices are now included.

We hope you enjoy the second to last update for this MEAP! Keep an eye open for the final ebook to come soon.

I look forward to your comments/suggestions on the latest MEAP.