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P. 13: (bottom) - For those of you *that* out there that don't prefer Java ... Remove word or rewrite?

P 17: (top of 1.2.4) for the design and arrangement *of* visual elements ... ?

P. 19: (top) Android can also make use of other components that are not XML as resources too. - Cut either *also* or *too*.

P 19: Before talking about the class, you should mention the gif-file. The class will not be generated because it lacks this resource. Maybe you should say where such a gif can be downloaded or something like that. Also, you should say where this file should be stored.
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Re: Errors in the latest version 11/16-2010 - chap. 1.2
Thanks again!

I cleaned up these typos (which I somehow hadn't noticed, though I have read that chapter many times, thanks for the extra, better, eyes).

As for the GIF and file locations, that's cleaned up in the latests drafts too. Not just for this file, but for all files, we are trying to be much more deliberate about where they go.