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I hope I am not missing something completely obvious here but is there meant to be a link to the fastfoods.csv file somewhere or a reference to where it can be downloaded?? I went to the site and couldn't find anywhere to download it there.

Any tips?

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Re: fastfoods.csv example on Page 21

Its in the data download files of our book site.

If you just want the chapter 1 code and data files just click on the paper clip on this page for chapter 1 and that will include the fastfoods file.

To download all the data and code
You will see links to book data and chapter code download on the left navigation.

We haven't put paper clips on all the chapters (though all the code is available on the book data and chapter code downloads), because we are still finalizing the code.

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Re: fastfoods.csv example on Page 21

Thanks for the speedy reply.

It's a good read so far just wanted to knock over the examples as written while I was going along. I'll know where to look for the data now!!


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The second edition source code is missing the data directories.