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sgposs (1) [Avatar] Offline
I'm a relative newbie to Java, Netbeans, which I am using as an API and
Maven, running on a Windows 7 platform.

I've downloaded the source code for the book and am eager to work through the
examples to learn junit testing as I learn Java and Netbeans. However, some
things are falling through the cracks here. Although the 2nd edition gives some
information to get started (I have Netbeans and Maven working just fine), I
can't seem to figure out how to get Maven to input the downloaded files into the
Maven local repository.

files are in a directory .../Java/ElectronicBooks/junitbook2/junitbook2
(evidently created its own junitbook2 subdirectory when extracting, hence the

I have tried to edit the Maven Local Repository to point to this directory
and also the various subdirectories containing code by chapter. I have also
tried moving a pom file into the default Netbeans local repository but without

Does anyone have any idea how to get Maven running within Netbeans to load
the source and test files (in different directories in Netbeans) so that one can
study the code and concepts presented in the book?

Is there a remote repository containing the source/test files that might make
this easier?

Unfortunately, the Netbeans Maven tutorial example uses a remote repository
for an example and the book seems written for running Maven independently on
Linux, although it makes brief mention of installing and using Netbeans. So far
I've found the book a bit frustrating since what little information on Maven
there is is imbedded in Chapter 10 and I haven't even got through Chapter 3.

I feel as if I've pointed myself in the right direction into the wind, I am
flapping my arms as hard as possible, but I have yet to leave the ground.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.