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CathodioN (2) [Avatar] Offline
These are my comments on the first 180 pages. I really like the book, and I hope some of the following comments are any help.

page 24, last paragraph:
'a endpoint' should be 'an endpoint'

page 27:
The dependency fragment uses version 2.3.0 while the
pom on page 12 uses ${camel-version}

It seems unlikely that developers are reading into camel but do not know what JMS is about. No use explaining JMS here. Downgrades the 'to-the-point' score of the book.

page 29:
Which JMS Server is used with the URI jms:queue:incomingOrders?

Page 36
I'd put all the 'what is spring' stuff in an apendix and simply point to that for ppl who don't know spring (same as comments about page 27)

Page 40:
Doesn't <process> support the class attribute? That would further shorten the example

Is clean compile neccesary before camel:run? One would expect the camel:run task to call compile automatically

Page 42:
The make-up of the code blocks compared to the normal text is not very clear. More space between the text and the XML would be better, may be put the XML in a box.

Page 44:
'touched much on the' should be 'touched much of the'

Page 46:
Why not use 'mvn camel:run' here?

Page 56:
First bullit: 'using EIP1' should be 'using EIP'

Page 68:
The values of the second, third and forth row are mixed up

Page 69:
I would advice readers to work 'contract first' with JAXB, and have annotated classes generated form the XSD using the maven jaxb plugin, or the maven cxf codegen plugin.

Page 71:
I'm missing details about schema validation and how to react to incorrect XML

'formats in h more depth' should be 'formats in more depth'

Page 72:
camel-crypto is listed twice in the table
Why use camel-csv when camel-bindy can do CSV as wel?

Page 73:
'at the camel website5.' should be 'at the camel website.'
'Sounds like hard to do...' ? Calling readln() and split() doesn't sound hard to me.

Page 78:
I skipped the whole 'custom data formats' chapter. Nearly every file we process today is XML, and for that rare occasion where we need to work with something else i'll check out the online docs. I won't remember the details anyway.

Page 83:
'this is a plain test file' should be 'this is a plain text file'

Page 84:
'javax.jmx.TextMessage' should be 'javax.jms.TextMessage'

Page 90:
'why it hard to work' should be 'why its hard to work'
what does direct:start do?

Page 96:
When exaclty does Camel check for the service? If Camel checks for the OSGi service for every incoming message there might be quite a performance hit, but if camel only checks the OSGi service when initiating the route then the route becomes invalid when the service goes away at any point after initialization.

Page 97:
The steps are numbered from 16 to 21, instead of 1 to 6. The text following the list refers to step 2 and 3.

Page 98:
Chapter 4.4.1 feels redundant to me, explaning basic Java behaviour.

Page 107:
'all you have to do is do declare' should be 'all you have to do is declare'

Page 108:
Below table 4.3 is written that the first two types listed in the table have been shown, but i don't recall the @Attachments annotation to have been used in an example.

'Exceptions is represented as' should be 'Exceptions are represented as'

'is a done as' should be 'is done as'

How can a bean return a SOAP fault?

'a exact match' --> 'an exact match'

The difference between doCatch en onException when it comes to handling the exception is not clear to me.
The last sentence before Figure 5.5 seems grammatically incorrect.
'how the JmsProcessor' --> 'how the JmsProducer'
'which where the error' --> 'which is where the errror'
'then Camel will break out' --> 'Camel will break out'

Section 5.4.6 title should be: 'Implementing an error handler solution'

The text block about continuous integration contains: '... called continuous integration12 (CI).' The numbers 1 and 2 should be omitted here.

The second sentence should start with a capitalized character.
'We'll start simply and use' --> 'We'll start simple by using'

The bean with id properties on page 153 and the propertyPlaceholder on page 154 both refer to the location of the properties file. Does that mean I can use either one of them? In that case, why would anyone use the example on page 153 when the one on page 154 is shorter and does the same?

I'm missing information about using system environment variables

'learned to simulating' --> 'learned to simulate'

'When we got the route is just' --> 'When we've got the route it is just'

Numbering of tasks is wrong. (33-35 should be 1-3)

'example how to' --> 'example of how to'
davsclaus (413) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Comments for the first 180 pages
All those typos and language improvement will be caught and cleared up by the copy editor and proof editor.

So you should focus on technical errors and other issues with the book.
CathodioN (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Comments for the first 180 pages
Sure, will do.