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I'm working my way through the book and trying to use the source code that comes with it, so apologies if this issue is old hat.

I'm getting a 403 Forbidden error when trying to access the hello world application and it's doing my gourd in. I've got other ZF apps working on the same server fine. The latest quickstart tutorial of Rob's works, no problems. I'm also doing (and this is the embarrassing bit) an Zend Advanced ZF course at the moment and the source code for that is all working.

I've tried some of the suggestions that I've found here, deleting .htaccess, modifiying it etc, nothing makes a difference yet. I'm sure it's something to do with it or a config issue, but no idea where. I've even replaced the htaccess file with one from a working app, no difference.

I'm on WIn 7 Pro, using Zend Core, PHP 5.2, ZF 1.10. One thing that looks different and I don't know why, is when I use Explorer to view the directory structure, all the files/folders have names highlighted in green and that's just the ZFiA source only. Everything else looks normal.

Any advice, greatly appreciated.
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Re: 403 Forbidden Hello World Application
Sussed it and it's always the thing that's staring you in the face. The fact that the file folder names were all in green was because they were encrypted. Changed the file properties and decrypted them solved the problem.
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Re: 403 Forbidden Hello World Application
I'm glad you sorted it! I had a Windows VM open today and was racking my brains to try and work out why my apps were working fine here.