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In section 2.4 on page 58 and 59 there is some incoherent goo. Is this some sort of misprint?

Also on page 57 there is a code snippet on microformats and an attribute itemscope. In HTML5 can attributes stand alone like this? or is it more like XHTML where all attributes must have a value?
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Re: Section 2.4, Page 58 and 59 goo.
Hi darrenj, thanks for reading.

The goo on 58 and 59 is supposed to be vertical text, the column headings are supposed to read (in order):

Metadata Content
Flow Content
Phrasing Content
Interactive Content
Embedded Content
Heading Content
Sectioning Content

This seems to be a quirk that creeps in between me writing the manuscript in OpenOffice and the staff at Manning opening it in Word, when the chapter is properly typeset it shouldn't be a problem.

HTML5 allows both XML and HTML serialisations. If you serve your pages with the application/xhtml+xml MIME type then you can use the XML serialisation, but then your markup has to conform to more strict rules, one of which is that all attributes need to have quoted values, so then that code would look something like this:

<section id="rob" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype="http://microformats.org/profile/hcard">

As it is, I've used the more forgiving HTML serialisation throughout so far which allows stand alone attributes, which I've take advantage of, as well as other stuff like mixed case tag names and unquoted values, which I've chosen to avoid (for consistency).