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It seems the authors hate Mac computers so they didn't take the time to test their source code and BeanShell on Mac. Here is what I had to do so far to get the BeanShell and Source code to run on my Mac.

You'll need to change this line in file /iWeb2/src/iweb2/util/config/

if (osName.startsWith("Linux") ) {


if (osName.startsWith("Linux") || osName.startsWith("Mac")) {

Do the above before running the ant build.

Then after a successful ant build you'll need to modify the file:

Modify the file to be unix formatted instead of windows.

using vi open on your computer

execute this command in vi
:set fileformat=unix

make sure this line is IWEB2_HOME=/iWeb2 (note the / and the case of each letter - this is needed if you've copied the iWeb2 folder to your root)

:wq (to save and exit)

you then should be able to execute the script using ./

BTW to exit from the BeanShell use exit();

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Re: Getting The Soure Code and BeanShell to Run On A Mac

This is so nice!
And, thank you for this.

Before this post, I almost give up run it by using BeanShell, I just put what I need into Eclipse project and modify what I need and run it. Also good.

Thanks again!