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mstorer (1) [Avatar] Offline
This would (hopefully put it on the next page, and allow source listing 1.2 and its "#N" call outs to be on the same page. You might have to yank a blank line or two to get it all to fit.

The only potential yank I see is the second-to-last line.

This is on page 22, btw. There are more mentions of Intents on page 23, any of which would make a fine new home for the "you say intent..." insert.

Speaking of listing 1.2, there are several indentation issues floating around in there.

# onCreate()'s second line "Thread aThread = new Thread (this);" is aligned with the function rather than its content.
# The body of run() is... double? indented. The body of run()'s try block is not indented.
# The entirety of onBind() is flush with the left edge, no indentation at all.

As long as I'm picking on sample code, listing 1.1 has a word in yellow highlight, savedInstaceState, which is never mentioned. I suggest you drop the highlight or make some effort to explain it.