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slangley (2) [Avatar] Offline
Have you run into issues with using too many concurrent Ext.Ajax requests?

I read here that Ext JS doesn't have any native support for queuing its AJAX requests and this causes issues, especially with IE7:

I have this application where a huge amount of server interaction is going on (update views, send data, periodically update data etc.).

There may be cases when more than 2 ajax calls are being made to the server. The Internet Explorer, for example, states itself as standard compliant and does not allow to open more than 2 simultaneously connections from the browser to the server (that goes for HTTP1.1. Using HTTP1.0, IE will allow 4 concurrent connections) - thus, any previously made XMLHttpRequest may be cancelled without even triggering some sort of exception, AFAIK.

Microsoft says IE7 supports 2 to 4 such concurrent AJAX requests and IE8 supports 6:

As of September 29, 2009, the official Ext JS answer was:

In general you should avoid generating many simultaneous requests at the same time. One way to combat this is to use batching with a technology like Ext.Direct to batch together your calls and minimize the HTTP pipeline.

We have considered adding a queuing mechanism but at this time it is not on our roadmap. It's a difficult thing to balance, adding functionality, keeping your file size small, preventing unnecessary complexity and making the lib perform well.

Aaron Conran
Ext JS - Core Development Team

The workaround posted at the top of the first thread seems to fix the issue according to people's comments:

by creating a AJAX queue for 2 concurrent requests.

But the ext-basex <> add-on library for Ext JS seems to be the more complete solution:

with its Ext.lib.Ajax.Queue and Ext.lib.Ajax.QueueManager classes:

Or are these problems that don't really exist with Ext.Ajax in your experience?

What do you recommend?


Scott Langley