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Hi Regina and Leo,

On page 24 of the PDF, I noticed a case where you used "its" instead of "it's". I did a search through the rest of the book to see if there were any more cases like it, and I found a few! I hope this is useful to you.

The following link gives a good explanation about when to use which:

p024: its not quite as elegant
p029: its questionable
p043: its not WGS 84
p044: say its 4326
p066: its often useful
p119: its easy enough
p150: its the one you want
p150: its a PostGIS specific function
p153: Its okay.
p164: Its an equality
p171: its easier
p173: its still good
p175: its areal
p186: its generally best
p187: Its all squashed
p188: its not too hard
p189: its not a bad option
p192: its best
p195: Its generally easier
p196: Its called UpdateGeometrySRID
p201: Its not as light-weight
p203: its much shorter
p218: Its not all polygons
p221: its just as easy
p233: its not as user-friendly
p236: since its planar
p236: its a native geometry type
p244: its more efficient
p245: its best to stick
p250: its best to wrap
p250: its very useful
p259: how its constructed
p263: its simpler
p271: its best
p274: Its got cute little icons
p280: its lighter
p280: its more efficient
p308: its too long
p343: its a native Javascript format
p355: Its hard
p370: if its the last feature
p376: its available
p376: its not part
p380: its nothing to write home about
p380: its lightning fast
p400: once its created
p408: its not there
p415: its not really 0 either
p440: Its worth a read
p441: how its done
p444: Its a good group
p460: its usually
p488: its more cross platform
p495: its listening
p496: its usually
p504: its because
p505: because its cross platform
p509: its important
p510: its void
p521: its an insert
p521: its an update
p521: its simpler
p521: its advantageous
p521: its working
p523: Its fairly easy
p523: its also not so nice

Also, some other items I noticed along the way:
p016: "In this we will"..."In this chapter we will"?
p019: "day-in and day-out never needing to plot anything on a map"...use comma after "day-out"?
p023: "2-d objects sitting in 3-D space"...inconsistent case for the letter "d"
p024: "Various choices to choose from"..."Various options to choose from"?
p024: "two built in ones"..."two built-in ones"?
p025: "Multi-column aggregates -"..."Multi-column aggregates:"?
p025: "capitol cities"..."capital cities"?
p025: "Oracle background’s"..."Oracle backgrounds"
p025: "will be surprised how"..."will be surprised to learn how"?
p026: "other databases that allow this, but require immense amounts of code to do it"..."other databases that require immense amounts of code to do it"
p027: "OSGEO"..."OSGeo" (several instances throughout the book)
p027: "If your data and your APIs can be accessed by standards available to everyone, people using CadCorp,...MapDotNet etc, then everyone can use the tools they feel most comfortable with or fits their workprocess and/or can afford and share information between each other." Unclear
p028: "Open source SQLite"..."open source SQLite" (lower case "o")
p028: "light-weight"..."lightweight" (several instances throughout the book)
p028: "hand held"..."handheld"
p029: "quite sometime"..."quite some time"
p029: "ESRI"..."Esri"? (I know it's only a recent change. But the use of the all-caps version will probably start to look dated in a few years.)
p029: "contributors"..."contributes"?
p030: "Free Open source"..."free and open source"?
p034: "First thing interesting"..."The first interesting thing"?
p045: "principial"..."principal"?
p046: "analysis that are"..."analysis that is"?
p048: "greater detail in chapter two"..."greater detail in Chapter 2"?
p183: "On a plane, the area of a square is simple its side squared"...possibly some punctuation required (colon, semi-colon..?) after the word 'simple', or reword the sentence
p246: "australian"..."Australian"
p344: "tool kits", after already using "toolkits" (generally stick to one or the other)

p015: inconsistent formatting with hyphens:
"Chapter 4 -is a survey..."
"Chapter 5 covers relationships functions..."
"Chapter 6- is an introduction to..."
"Chapter 7 concludes..."

I'm looking forward to seeing the completed book. Keep up the great work, guys.


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Re: It's vs Its

Thanks. We will make sure to correct.