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I'm Trying to make a Python Cribbage game. all i can figure out so far is the deck. can somebody please help me???
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Re: PyCribbage
That would be a fun project, but very challenging. I play Cribbage myself, but I wouldn't know how to write an algorithm for how to figure out what to keep and what to put in the crib, or what cards to play when pegging. Even counting up the score at the end is fairly complicated.

The book has an example of a card game (Crazy Eights), which is a game where the rules are pretty simple. If you decide to pursue the Cribbage game, you could look at that for some examples of creating and managing hands, etc. But the actual cribbage rules and especially the strategy would be quite complicated.

Sorry I can't be more help. If you decide to tackle it, I wish you luck.

Warren Sande
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Re: PyCribbage
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