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I'm still new to the whole ZF but with the book's help i've been trying to integrate the Zend_auth into a project of mine ... after some problems in the beginning i got it to work ... but ... what i realized after a while was that Places_Controller_Action_Helper_Acl doesn't check whether or not a controller/action is available before checking for the privileges. because of this, i don't get a 404 error when calling a not defined controller/action but the login-form pops up.

how can i implement the AUTH so that it first checks for the existence of a controller and then for the user's privileges?

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Re: Chapter 7 Zend_auth and 404 error
seems, like it was my mistake smilie

i added another action helper (Zend_Controller_Action_HelperBroker::addHelper) after the Places_Controller_Action_Helper_Acl. now that i removed the second helper everything is working fine again.