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paulM (1) [Avatar] Offline
I just read the first 5 chapters of the "Scala In Action", and you can see the author falling into that mindset. Rather than giving good examples about using the functional aspects of the language, the author starts describing how things are implemented. I was very quickly lost trying to read it. He jumped into Generics(even the + syntax), functional, using the shortened syntax all within the 1st 4 chapters.

I'm just looking for a book that is somewhere between over-simplified and over-complex smilie Start by showing how to use the basic features (You can assume I'm already a Java person) before getting into the esoteric. At least clearly explain a syntax before you start using it.
douglasv (316) [Avatar] Offline
Re: I don't think this is really a beginner book :(
this book is a mystery to me too!!!
nraychaudhuri (19) [Avatar] Offline
Re: I don't think this is really a beginner book :(
I am sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy the first few chapters. The concepts described in first few chapters will be revisited though out the book. I wanted to explain some of the basic Scala concepts quite early in the book so that I could show them in action in more real world examples.

Please let me know where I could be more helpful in clarifying the syntax/concepts and I will do my best to incorporate it in my next release.

Nilanjan Raychaudhuri
wombat2k (9) [Avatar] Offline
Re: I don't think this is really a beginner book :(
The way I see these X in Action books, they seem to be geared towards people who just learned a language (the syntax) and are ready to do stuff.