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Elmo (2) [Avatar] Offline
Several months have passed with no new content on the 2nd Edition. What's with that?
Mittie (397) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Status?
True and sorry for that.

We're working on three chapters in parallel, though smilie

thanks for you patience
wcherry (11) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Status?
Perhaps instead of three chapters in parallel you could just release one now and the other two over the next several months. We aren't expecting perfection in an early release. I must say that the pace of the chapters that have been delivered and the 'new chapters will be added in the next few days' emails are wearing thin. It's gotten so bad that I've started reading books on Ruby smilie
fiallega (9) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Status?
I think this book has taken too long.
sbelur (6) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Status?
Have been checking manning site every day to see if theres progress.
Apparently it looks like some one has decided to just sit on this for a long

Having bought this book, I would like to read it and not keep waiting for it.

Request you to hurry up.
Mittie (397) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Status?
Thank you all for your interest!

It is very inspiring to hear about your urgent demand. I wasn't aware that anybody would check the Manning site daily for updates. That must have been an exercise in patience.
I wouldn't advice checking daily, though. You get an email with every update anyway.

The MEAP involves readers very early in the process. Unlike seeing finished results, you kind of join the difficulties that developing a book brings every now and then. The more we appreciate your participation!

Thanks a lot
fdaoud00 (15) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Status?
I was so disappointed by the glacial pace at which this book advanced that I requested a refund from Manning.

Having written books myself, I understand how much work it is. But I also believe that, as an author, you have a responsibility towards your readers as soon as they have paid money for your book-- in this case, when the MEAP starts.

You guys are not one, but *four* authors, and soon it will be 2 YEARS since the MEAP started, and the book isn't even halfway available. That is ridiculous. Either the MEAP started too early, or you are not dedicated to writing the book as much as you should be.

Again, believe me, I understand how things can get in the way of writing a book, when you are also working, have a family, and so on. But the book needs to be at the top of your priority list, or it will never get done.

I've been a long-time reader of Manning books, and usually, MEAPs have gone well. But lately, there have been some long-running ones (Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, 3 years, absolutely ridiculous), which have caused me to shy away from MEAPs.

Authors of this book, you owe it to your readers to give some more substantial status than "we are working hard!", such as milestones with dates (that you will respect.)

Manning, you need to clean up your MEAP process, start the MEAP only when the author has completed 3/4 of the book, then you can release the chapters one by one at a good pace while the author completes the book. Do it for your reader satisfaction!
Mittie (397) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Status?
You may be glad to hear that you can expect a MEAP update soon with a brand-new chapter about compile-time metaprogramming and a revision of the Concurrency chapter.
More is in the works.

All the best
fdaoud00 (15) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Status?
OK but the book's page says expected release is summer 2011. However less than half the chapters are available now and it's almost 2 years since the MEAP started. When should readers actually expect the final version of the book? I mean, seriously? Do you have an (honest) estimated date?
Mittie (397) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Status?
We started the MEAP too early.
At that time, it wasn't clear that we needed to sort out a number of issues.

Anyway, we're again up on speed and I will probably finish the first draft of the MOP chapter this weekend and by mid April I expect it to be in the MEAP.

By end of this summer, we may have the final drafts of all chapters ready. Then the production process starts and the printed version may be on the shelves for christmas. At least, this is the plan.

I also have a question for you (honestly, no April joke). We consider dropping some content in order to deliver the book faster. Would that suit your needs? If so, what chapter(s) would be candidates for dropping?

Thanks a lot for your interest!
fdaoud00 (15) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Status?
Thanks Dierk for your response, much appreciated!

I understand that perhaps there was an issue at the beginning of the MEAP and that you are doing your best to get the book finished in good time.

As for dropping chapters, that might be a good idea. However, I can't really identify any particular chapters as candidates. They all seem useful, and also it's hard to tell which would make sense to drop, depending on the flow of your content.

But if you are able to identify a couple of chapters to drop to speed up the process, especially the chapters that are most outside the core, that's not a bad idea. I did drop a couple of chapters when writing, those that were least related to the core of the subject.

Thanks again, and wish you the best for the rest of the book.