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rootsikal (7) [Avatar] Offline

I'm still learning Ext Js (see my previous post smilie )
Now, I'm on the Chapter 6 and I'm trying the example 6.2.2 : Implementing a remote loading combo box.

In my case, the Combo Box is not populated with all the names contained in the Json object, obtained from the php link..

Can someone help me to understand why?
Is there a way to write an Exception to firebug console to see where comes the error from (if there is one)?

Remark: I'm working from my Company's there is a proxy here.. i don't know if this can have a role in my "non-populated combo box"?

thanks a lot
rootsikal (7) [Avatar] Offline
Re: ExtJS In Action - Example Chapter 6

Finally i found a solution which is OK for me...

In fact, after loading the page and clicking on the down-arrow to open the list of the ComboBox, i wanted to see the list of the names (the one obtained form the .php file)...
but nothing was happening...

I just change the minChars form 1 to 0.. and now it's working.. i do not need to write some text to see names in the list of the ComboBox...