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icey (1) [Avatar] Offline
My pain point right now is how to lock a database with a scheduled consuming poller!! All my selects and updates are fine but for some reason I cannot Lock a table!

properties file:
cmd2.jdbc = COMMIT
camel.xml file: (where myDS is my datasource defined else in the xml)
<endpoint id="timerEndpoint" uri="timer://kickoff?period=30000" />
<endpoint id="jdbcEndpoint" uri="jdbc:${cmd.jdbc}?dataSourceRef=myDS" />
<routeContext id="timerToJdbc" >
<route startupOrder="1" autoStartup="true">
<!-- scheduled polling consumer -->
<from ref="timerEndpoint" />
<to ref="jdbcEndpoint" />

You would think this would be simple but no it does not lock the database (which I check by trying a second lock through a cmd window and can!) but I know it does summat as it will happily return the expected error, when I lock the database in a command prompt window and then run it against the already locked table.

I have now tried the uri's jdbc and sql and currently working out ibatis to see if that can help. Failing that I will go to hibernate and try to process a bean. But if anyone out there knows why this will not work please speak up.

I am in a world of pain with this lock in oracle and a newbie to spring and camel so the book is a lifesaver. As a newbie, I would like to see more examples and best practices for working with databases, not to mention spring and hibernate (why choose a jdbc endpoint over a sql endpoint or ibatis ect.)

janstey (72) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Understanding Components jdbc, sql and iBATIS: LOCK TABLE

I've personally never used a lock with the JDBC component, though it should be possible. What kind of error message are you seeing in the logs when this happens?