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trisul (5) [Avatar] Offline
When are we going to get new chapters for this book? This book seems very important but I have not seen any updates for a while. Also, I am anticipating you will make use of the Mockito framework in the chapters. I think its one of the best test frameworks out there for Java right now. There is not a single book on Mockito right now.
tempusfugit (144) [Avatar] Offline
Re: New chapters for this book
Well, as you have probably noticed the "new" content is available right now. In fact the existing content has been entirely replaced. The new content seems to be much more in line with the with the title "The Art of Unit Testing". The previous version was more focused on mechanics and technique. I think Lasse has now redirected the content to address the issues and concerns that transcend the testing frameworks du jour. He wants you to use your time productively by creating the right tests regardless of the tools that you are using - of course there will be examples with current tools. Just because you are programming in Java doesn't mean are practicing object-oriented programming - similarly, just because you are writing unit tests doesn't mean you are writing the "right" unit tests.
trisul (5) [Avatar] Offline
Re: New chapters for this book
I totally agree with you that just because one programs in an object oriented language does not necessarily mean that one is using proper object oriented design principles and patterns. There are a few great books on this topic. Two books that I particularly found helpful in this regard are Robert Martins' Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns and Practices and Rebecca Wirf's Object Design: Roles, Responsibilities and Collaborations.

The same can be said of someone who practices TDD. Writing well written tests
is very important. In the Java landscape, I found Mockito to be a great testing framework compared to others that are currently available. This framework allows one to write very expressive tests and this is important. Just as it is important to write well written test code, it is just as important to choose a testing framework.
I like my test code to be written in a manner that is expressive and conveys my intent clearly. I want to be able to know what I wrote when I look at the code again, say for instance after six months. This becomes crucial when one is working on a large software project.
sest (15) [Avatar] Offline
Re: New chapters for this book
I'll answer a few questions that have been posed in the thread.

First, to answer trisul's first question, you'll see chapter 3 very soon in the book's next MEAP update. This chapter covers Test Doubles, so (spoiler alert!) you will see Mockito in action.

Second, to address the "previous version" comment from tempusfugit, the original intent of this book was to "translate" Roy Osherove's The Art of Unit Testing (in .NET) to a Java context. The new version of the manuscript is Lasse writing from scratch. I personally love the new version and I'm excited to pass along new material once we get it.

Sebastian Stirling
Developmental Editor
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