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And not $('#example')? In another example var text = $('#theList').text(); was used, but not in this case, why?
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Re: Listing 4.1 - why $('#example')[0]?

the code line:
$('#example')[0].onmouseover = function(event) { ... }

$('#example') is a wrapped set and $('#example')[0] (or $('#example').get(0)) is a DOM element. And onmouseover is only a DOM element attribute and has no idea of jQuery's concept of wrapped sets. Or in other words jQuery's wrapped set has no attribute named "onmouseover".

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Re: Listing 4.1 - why $('#example')[0]?
Exactly. Remember, this example is showing the concepts of using DOM level 0. It's not the way you'd actually do it in a real page -- which is, of course, shown later in the chapter.