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a big bravo for the nice work that you have done with the book and we are able to learn with no pain EXTJS.

I have kept a log about typos and other cosmetic and minor problems that I have found up to now with the EXTJS book. I list them at the end of this post.

I try to follow the examples from the book and some of them contains minor errors.
The most important of all up to now is the first example about the gridpanel.
The JSON store does not work.

Additionally the code posted here has problems:

7.1 name and pesonName
7.2 does not work. I haven't managed to make it work yet.

It seems to me that the country is missing from the server's JSON response. Instead of country if we place state the column is being filled.

Thank you in advance.

Problems with the PDF EXTJS in Action

Looking at the SDK contents
typo at the page 22 line 1

Typo at 24 1.5.4 blank image url
8th line 'sis' instead of 's is' ?

Typo at page 6 chapter 3.1.4 Burst the bubble
to listen 2 consecutive times

Typo page 14 3.2.2 Component rendering:
'You could also pas', pas instead of pass

page 21 third line under figure 3.12 there is no space between the

Listing 4.2 Adding buttons and tools to our existing panel
contains a problem a comma is required imediately after the previous script

At the end of this paragraph you specify that the final panel shoudl look like the one
in Figure 4.5. Firgure 4.5 does not exist. You possibly mean Figure 4.3 but as I said there
is a problem with the numbering at the figures.

At "4.2.2 Replacing alert and prompt with MessageBox"
third paragraph at the new page you say:
Here, we call the MessageBox.alert method, which will generate a window, which will look like Figure 4.9
The figure number is wrong. Should be 4.6 (right)

4.2.4 Showing an animated wait MessageBox the figure reference numbers are wrong

4.2.4 Showing an animated wait MessageBox, at the end of this page it seems that one sentence is lost!
The next page starts with a new sentence.

references to listing 4.5 are wrong (instead they show 4.6).

Under Listing 4.5 sixth row requires re-write. Possibly you want to say:
Else, we will calculate a percentage completed and update...

Figure references generally requires update.

Listing 4.6 Exploring a Tab Panel for the first time.
The first tab is: disabledTab although it should be simpleTab

Typo parameter instead of parameter.

The following sentence requires minor changes:
Executing the prior code will result in a new tab with the title of “New closable tab”, which -->
Executing the prior code will result in a new tab with the title of “New tab”, which....

Listing 5.1 Implementing the container layout
you missed to do show() for the myWin

The following sentence is not correct:
"Window’s height by any more than 15 pixels results in Panel2’ being pushed off screen, and scroll bars appearing in the windowBody"
There are no scrollbars in the window's body. This can be seen at the screenshot that you have in the book.

I believe that the code before the Listing 5.8 The CardLayout in action
has a small problem.
I replaced the line:
var numItems = myWin.items.getCount() - 1;
var numItems = myWin.items.getCount();
in order to be able to see all the 3 cards.

Listings at chapter 5 contain # instead of // that it should be used
for Javascript comments.

"If we to recreate the Store above" possibly "want" is missing

"Just know that having am mixture of fi" replace am with a

Example with the first Grid contains errors.
There are wrong column names mapping for name (fullName and personName).
I amanaged to do it working with the
var store = new{
data : arrayData,
fields : ['name', 'state']
but with
var store = new{ // 5
reader : arrayReader,
proxy : memoryProxy
it does not work.

"sort : true" should be sortable : true, (Ignore if both are true)

The first grid panel with JSONStore does not seem to work.
I see an empty grid panel. I tried to change the autoload to ture and firebug raised the following error:
uncaught exception: Access to restricted URI denied (NS_ERROR_DOM_BAD_URI)
The URL is url : '',

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