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gmazza (30) [Avatar] Offline
Suggestions for Camel/CXF section:

1.) Section 7.4.2 should make clear very early on what it is we're doing: creating a Camel producer (a SOAP client) or a Camel consumer (a web service provider). It's not clear, so I'm having trouble following the text because I don't know what the goal is. (If we're going to do both, then just say so early on.)

2.) Also, in listing 7.3, Doc-Lit *wrapped*, the most common form of WSDL[1], is not being used (Such a design has only one wsdl:part to the wsdl:message[2].) I think it might be better to switch to that, as it would also show the user how to subsequently unwrap the returned values (partName, amount, customerName) from a POJO holding it.


3.) There's nothing here showing us how to make a SOAP client call as part of a route. I would think this is vital, much more important than showing us how to make a web service provider (which is not normally going to be done with Camel anyway, or at least not until we're comfortable with using it as a SOAP client).

Use case (let's say for a "DoubleIt" number doubling web service, as given in [2] above):
-- (1) I have a queue of numbers (1,2,3,4) I want to use as input to a web service (or, to simplify it, strings in a queue containing the full SOAP request envelope).

-- (2) I want the response of the SOAP client calls (or, to simplify it, strings containing the full SOAP response envelope) (2,4,6,smilie to be fed to a file or another queue.

This chapter is not showing us how to feed the SOAP request envelope into a SOAP client call as part of a route. This chapter is also not showing us how to process the SOAP response as part of a route. Even page 199, which shows us how to make a SOAP client call outside of a route (template.requestBody(...)), is not providing subsequent information on how to unwrap a response.

The book should provide this information--or at least links telling us where to get this info. Or does Camel not have this functionality?
janstey (72) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Suggestions for CXF component section (7.4)
Hi Glen,

I'm starting to think that we could have devoted several chapters on Camel/CXF alone! smilie Its a complex topic compared to most others. Its also hard to cover in a sub section of a chapter...

We are currently in a somewhat locked down mode of the book before print so major changes won't be happening. However, I would say some WSDL changes and expansion of SOAP client content should be doable. I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for highlighting these points, much appreciated.

gmazza (30) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Suggestions for CXF component section (7.4)
Understand about the deadline, wish I had gotten these comments in earlier.