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elwis (10) [Avatar] Offline
Great book, one single (simple?) question though. I'm playing with around with all the examples in chapter2. They all work, that is, they print out the info on screen but they also throw this serviceTrasportexception all the time, and I'm curious why?

"INFO: Transport failed: org.apache.activemq.transport.TransportDisposedIOException: Peer (vm://localhost#3) disposed"

Stefan, Sweden
janstey (72) [Avatar] Offline
Re: serviceTransportException
I didn't see that exception while I was writing chapter 2 so this peeked my curiosity smilie Apparently this exception was introduced when we updated the book's source to use ActiveMQ 5.4.0. Not sure what its all about - will have to dig a bit deeper to find out.

You can go back to an ActiveMQ version that doesn't have this exception by setting the activemq-version property when running the examples. For example, I'm running the content-based router example here with ActiveMQ 5.3.2:

janstey@mojo:/x1/camelinaction/chapter2/cbr$ mvn clean compile exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=camelinaction.OrderRouter -Dactivemq-version=5.3.2

elwis (10) [Avatar] Offline
Re: serviceTransportException
Hi there Jon and thanks for the quick reply!

I'll change the version, I noticed I have 'LATEST' in my .pom file for the activemq version, for some reason it didn't like the default in the first example so I've changed it routinely.

All the best
davsclaus (413) [Avatar] Offline
Re: serviceTransportException
I have been told by the AMQ committers that this logging is harmless and it has been fixed on trunk. So AMQ 5.4.1 wont log this anymore.
Willem.Jiang (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: serviceTransportException
I updated the files of the chapter2, you will not see this INFO message anymore.