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trifonius (39) [Avatar] Offline

First of all, I think the subject of the book is an excellent choice. I really longed for guidance on this topic.


In my opinion some info really is lacking. After reading chapters 1-2 I decided to go for Svn with TeamCity. It took me untill chapter 6 to realize that MSTest is not supported easily in this setup and there is no guidance about how to set it up (quote: "We will assume you got your tests running on the build machine one way or another"). Then I decided to go for NUnit.
Support in chapter 6: "TeamCity comes with built-in functionality for NCover and PartCover so we will not discuss it here. All the setup is made on the Build Runner configuration page".
Yes, but to me it is not clear what those settings mean. And what is the preferred way, use MSBuild for some stuff? Use an Exec task or a prefab task? Where does TeamCity overlap MSBuild functionality? Guidance please!

Besides this, TeamCity as a whole is not very well covered. TeamCity screens are not complete and therefore properties not discussed. There are other screens shown that are not explained how to get there.
Ok, the book is not a TeamCity manual, but to me there simply is not enough guidance.

I think, since the book is about CI, the whole introductory part on unit testing for example should have been omitted since this is a seperate topic. The guidance and introduction of systems concerning CI that I did expect are lacking in my opinion.
Now I am using Google again to find guidance about how to support unit testing with MSBuild, TeamCity and NUnit. I think after buying this book this definitely should not have been necessary.

Let me make it clear that I think the book also contains a lot of helpful and interesting stuff. All chapters are helpful. It's just that really getting started with all the tools is not easy because the lack of detail. Is it possible that more detail and guidance about setting up the environment will be added? Otherwise I need an extra book for that.