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The head line of 5.3.4 contains "Inifite", probably a crossing between infinite and nifty that might be enhanced to infinifty or so.

The example four lines below it has character problems ( "... ‚àû" ).

Kind regards, f.

PS.: Can someone please move this to the Chapter 5 thread?

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Re: Typos
I'm not sure which version of the PDF I have, but I noticed a typo in Chapter 5: Composite Data Types, section 5.2.1.

It says:

(into (vector-of :int) [Math/Pi 2 1.3])
;=> [1 2 1]

While it should:

(into (vector-of :int) [Math/PI 2 1.3])
;=> [3 2 1]

It's "PI", not "Pi", and it evaluates to 3 not 1.
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Re: Typos
Also in 5.2.1, in the list of keywords that vector-of accepts, it has byte, short, and boolean where it should be :byte, :short, and :boolean