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When will you be publishing new chapters? I am particularly interested in Part 2 Core Spring Batch.

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Re: New chapters

Although there are no schedules for the MEAP books, there is an understanding that there are going to be regular updates. I hope there are new chapter coming soon, or at least some kind of update on this forum from the authors.


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Re: New chapters
apologies for the late response, I need to fix my notifications on this forum! smilie

regarding your question, a new chapter was posted last week (chapter 8, about the processing phase.)

we try to post a new chapter every month. Here is a list of the chapters (no particular order, all these chapters are work in progress) that will available in the upcoming months: chapter 11 (enterprise integration), chapter 4 (configuration), chapter 5 (job launching), and chapter 14 (testing.)

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Re: New chapters
How do you access new chapters. I have 10 chapters and see that the 11th chapter is now available. I read that I am suppose to get an email letting me know the chapter is available. I have not gotten the new chapter.
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Re: New chapters
same thing for me actually (authors are also registered to the MEAP of their book). I'll ask Manning and I'll let you know.
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Re: New chapters
I just called Manning Publishing and was told about the Manning MEAP User Accounts:

I registered with the same email address I used to get access to the MEAP. After I confirmed the link, I logged into the site, and my user account had the latest Spring Batch In Action PDF. Give it a shot and see if that works for you. (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: New chapters
When can I get a copy of the Chapter 14 Scaling and the Appendix A and B
These are the chapters I really bought the book for.
I would like to get these three chapters it even if they are draft.
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Re: New chapters
there should be a new MEAP release really soon, with all the chapters. BTW, we merged the two first chapters, so the scaling chapter is now chapter 13.