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I really like chapters 1 and 2. There is good background on Android and chapter 2 gives a good look at the pieces and how they fit together. I've been reading other android material so this was just the right level for me. I think people starting fresh would have a tough time. It might help if there was some material on how to set up development environment and where to go for reference material (like developer.android.com) and how to get the example code. Maybe an appendix?

Listing on page 70 should be labeled 2.17
Listing on page 71 should be labeled 2.18
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Re: Feedback on Chapter 2
Thanks for the feedback, and sorry about the late response smilie. I just noticed that the forum was already opened, didn't know that.

Also, we hear you. We've added some intro stuff in chapters 1,2, and are making a new 3, for "part 1" of the book. We aren't cutting any later parts, just adding some for those that might be new to Android.