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I read on the main page that the second edition is now available. Since I live in India and I didn't want to buy the hardcopy right now because I want to quickly read the C# 4 bits before I order the hardcopy, so I ordered a softcopy (eBook).

I went through all the paypal thing and finally when I downloaded, it was still the first edition, which I already had.

I want to know how to download the second edition?
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Re: How to get the second edition?
Did you definitely buy the second edition? If so, you should have received the ebook of the finished first edition, and the ebook of the MEAP (early access) for the second edition. There should definitely be two downloads. I can't remember offhand whether they'll be listed in the same email or separate ones.

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Re: How to get the second edition?
Thanks for your reply, Jon.

I think I realize my foolishness now.

1) I went to this page: http://manning.com/skeet/

2) I read the text that said:

C# in Depth
Second edition of this book is now available

3) I clicked "Add to Card" against the eBook link displayed on page and ordered the book. It was only after I completed the order and recieved the ebook I realized that it was the first edition.

I should've clicked the link that said "Second edition of this book is now available'.

Anyway, no harm done. It's always nice to have another copy. It's such a good book, I can gift it to someone.

I'm heading off to the right link to buy the second edition. smilie
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Re: How to get the second edition?
Yay! Got the second edition, too. It's downloading. Yay! Yay! Triple yay!