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As newbie in Android, I can't see where I can load ( and how ) the tools.

I think one chapter is needed to all os newbies to tell witch tools should be downloaded to computer. And then how I write the "Hello Word" application.
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Re: how to download the tools
A good place to start is http://developer.android.com

Instructions for setting up the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) are at

Or use Google to search for "how to setup android development environment"


The source code for the book is at

There is a Subversion command ("svn") to obtain the code, so you need to install a Subversion Client (there are ones for Windows, Linux, Mac)

Use Google, search for "Subversion Client" and pick one that works for your computer.
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Re: how to download the tools
Thanks for pitching in here Drell.

Also Hami, we did make a change to include information on how to get started in chapter 1, and a "hello world" tyoe app as well. We're going to keep this in "part 1" of the book, and then dive in deeper in parts 2 and 3. We think that will help new people get started, and still allow to go into greater depth than most intro books (this isn't intended to be an intro book really).