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Rickee (15) [Avatar] Offline
These typos are in the PDF version as of July 30th, 2010:

p. 108: "You should select full trust solution ..."
The term "full trust solution" was used in early in the Beta for SharePoint 2010, but the final correct term is "farm solution".

p. 114: "The code requires you to add a using statement to the System.Xml.Linq namespace."
True, but you also have to add a using statement for the System.Linq namespace.

p. 126: "To remove the properties from that category you need to remove the Personalizable attribute from the properties."
Actually, its the WebBrowsable attribute that you need to remove.

p. 133: "... with Latitude #2 and Longitude #3 properties and ..."
These are fields, not properties.

p. 134: "... use this class to create an automatic conversion from the Coordinate class to a string ..."
Actually, the class can convert in both directions, including from string to Coordinate.

148: "<im src="/_layouts/Images/WebPartsInAction.Ch6.ImagesAndScripts/Annotation.png" />
The src attribute of the img element points to the file image that was added to the project. As you can see the path to the image is absolute. Since we are adding this image to the file system it is available in all Site Collections so we do not have to care about any site relative URL."
Actually, that is a site relative URL, not an absolute one.

157: "For example you do not want a feature to install if the corresponding resources are available."
There should be a "not" between "are" and "available".