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Rickee (15) [Avatar] Offline
2 problems in section 5.4 of the PDF version (as of July 30th, 2010)

Problem 1: On the top of p.134 is the line "Deploy the Web Part into SharePoint and add it to a page . . . Then select to edit it and notice that the property is not available for editing."
Actually, at this point one gets an error message if one trys to add the Web Part to a page. That's because the [Personalizable] attribute has been added to the CurrentPosition property which is a complex type, but at this point no custom Editor Part has been created for the property. If the [Personalizable] attribute is removed, the Web Part can be added to a page and it is true that the property is not available for editing; but that is because it is not personalizable, not because it is complex. Alternatively, one can leave the [Personalizable] attribute on the property, remove the [WebBrowsable] attribute, and create a custom Editor Part for the property (in which case one can edit the property). The third option is to leave both the [WebBrowsable] attribute and the [Personalizable] attribute on the property and then carry out the rest of the section 5.4 (including the correction mentioned below in Problem 2).

Problem 2: A crucial step has been left out of subsection 5.4.3: One also has to add the attribute [TypeConverter(typeof(CoordinateConverter)] to the Coordinate class declaration.