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accguy (18) [Avatar] Offline

I have been tracing the code for a couple of days, and searched the forum for similar results, and cannot find anything. Can someone please help me?

I am trying to figure out /exactly/ how the EmployeeGridPanel gets loaded. I am trying to build a gridpanel and cannot get it to load. I am running Wireshark and a request to the store's URL is never even sent. I am sure I could figure this out if someone was to show me the call chain on the EmployeeGridPanel.

Thanks in advance,

jesus.garcia (463) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Call Chain To 'load' EmployeeGridPanel

If you are just getting started with a grid panel, looking at the application is not the best place.

Try chapter 7. Either way, the EmployeeGridPanel in the "DepartmentManager" screen gets loaded via a click of a department.
accguy (18) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Call Chain To 'load' EmployeeGridPanel
Thanks. I will look at that... I like this grid due to its interaction with other components, though.

jesus.garcia (463) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Call Chain To 'load' EmployeeGridPanel
Understood. smilie The purpose of the application is to demonstrate how to setup components that interact with each other and how to organize your code.

For the "basics", the earlier chapters are recommended smilie.
accguy (18) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Call Chain To 'load' EmployeeGridPanel

I got it to load a render when I created the store like:

var grid = new Ext.{ .... });

I will say, though. I spent about 2 hours with this approach not working, because I left out the 'new' part smilie I got too used to using xtype instantiations, and in perl I always use a call like:

my $grid = Ext:smilieata::JsonStore->new(...)

That is, if there was such an object in perl...

Thank you for your help (here and at extjs forurms). And thanks for the book. It is all too easy for posters to say what the book is not, but, they need to stop and think about all that it really is. Or better yet, tell them to read 'Learning Ext JS' and then talk about what lacking really is. There is a vast difference between a cookbook and a guide that explains what is really going on and how to put it together in a usable fashion. Yours is the latter.