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roon (1) [Avatar] Offline
I am trying to generate a new value for a non-key persisted field [SalesOrderExternalReference] using the generated value of another field but nothing much happens...

I tried various options but nothing much happens. Thanks for some pointers...

When a new SalesOrder object is created, the generated value remains at 0. The my_sequence_generator_table does not also have new values except for the original value placed by me manually.

@Entity (name="sales_order")
public class SalesOrder
@Column(name="sales_order_id") //key
@Id @GeneratedValue
private long id;

// tried with annotation @Id and without it, but no effect
private long salesOrderExternalReferenceLongValue; //non-key persisted field

CREATE TABLE `my_sequence_generator` (
`sequence_name` varchar(80) NOT NULL,
`sequence_value` bigint(20) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`sequence_name`)
private String salesOrderExternalReference;

| sequence_name | sequence_value |
| sales_order_external_reference_long_value | 1