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I need return 2nd collection using Group Join.
Please See the Below Code.Whenever i group joined Below two collections and how to get return only one collection including Status also.

I Have two Collection Objects

1. CodesandTypes (CS)
Code Description CommonCodeid
100 provider 1
200 Hospital 2
300 Professinal 3
400 Cases 4

2.Hospital claims(HC)

In Hospital claims lot of properties(for ex:100 ) in that "Status" one Property is there.

check the below code.

Dim Query = From CS In _ColCLAIMSTATUSCodes Group Join HC In ColHospitalClaimMain _
On CS.CommonCodeId Equals HC.StatusID Into HCM = Group _
Select new with (.status= CS.Code)

Note : I need ColHospitalClaimMain Collection including fill Status property using Linq