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Rickee (15) [Avatar] Offline
I'm on the documentation team for the SharePoint SDK. Your first chapter does not use the same terminology with respect to the different kinds of pages that we are using beginning with SharePoint 2010. Specifically, what you call "content pages" are now called "site pages". (And you will find when you redo the screen shot in fig. 1.7, that the icon that used to be called "Content Page" is now just "Page".) Since the book is not finally edited yet, I'd recommend that you replace all your references to "content page" with "site page". That way the book's terminology will be consistent with the SDK. The term "content page" should only be used to refer to the distinction between master pages and content pages. When you are contrasting application pages with non-application pages, the non-application pages should be called "site pages". So application page/site page is one axis of distinction and master/content is a different axis of distinction.

Also, we are trying to get away from the old name "layouts page" as an alternative name for application page. It is confusing for the same kind of page to have 2 different names. Also, in the future, application pages may not be stored in a folder called "layouts". So I'd recommend that you remove all uses of "layout page". This kind of page only has one name: "application page".

You can see the current correct terminology at

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wictor.wilen (29) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Terminology issues
Hi and thanks for the feedback.
I will certainly update the book to reflect the actual terminology used by MS/MSDN. I'm currently going through the chapters and verifying against the RTM version, the first chapters are written way back during beta.