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I had a little trouble installing WKT Raster using the precompiled binaries. I followed the link in the text ( to and downloaded

I followed the instructions in the zip's ReadMe.txt file, but kept getting this error:

NOTICE: type "raster" is not yet defined
DETAIL: Creating a shell type definition.

ERROR: could not access file "$libdir/rtpostgis": No such file or

Until I copied "libgdal.dll" from the zip file's /bin directory into PostgreSQL's /bin directory. You may want to update this in the ReadMe.txt.

Thanks and the book is coming along great!

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Re: Chpt 13 Section 13.2
Cort et. al,

Thanks for pointing that out. We'll be releasing a new update of wktraster binaries probably late this week or early this weekend.

FYI - a number of improvements have been made since that last binary release. For one, there is now an ST_Intersects and ST_Intersection functions.

Some memory leaks have also been addressed that made ST_DumpAsPolygons slower than it should be.

Also check out Pierre's tutorial

If you happen to be at FOSS4G this year, both Pierre Racine and Jorge Arevalo will be giving talks on PostGIS WKT Raster