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willy (8) [Avatar] Offline

In the sample application (,
departmentList.js contains the following code:
buildStore : function() {
return {
xtype : 'jsonstore',
autoLoad : this.autoLoadStore,

The autoLoadStore parameter is only set in EmployeeAssociationWindow.js
However, when I click the "Manage Departments" button, the DepartmentList is loaded.

This looks like magic to me. I tried to adapt the example to my own test case, but cannot get the list to load this way.
It loads only when I change "autoLoad: this.autoLoadStore" to "autoLoad: true".

Can someone explain by what mechanism the department list loads in the "Manage Departments" window in the example application?

Kind regards,

PS: I'm using Ext 3.2.1
sethlegoauld (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: autoLoadStore in DepartmentList.js
I'm having a similar problem here...
jesus.garcia (463) [Avatar] Offline
Re: autoLoadStore in DepartmentList.js
Willy, please accept my apology for dropping the ball on this and not responding sooner. I spent some time on it, got distracted and literally forgot. Again, I apologize.

Seth, thanks for responding to this thread. Your post served as a reminder.

Here's how it works (*And yes the Manuscript is a bit fuzzy*):

- autoLoadStore is a config option that is setup but not used. I recall originally having code configured to use it. However, I later changed it to not.

- To understand the call chain, you must focus your attention at workspace.js. This is the app view manager.

- Look at switchToCard. It will contain a newPanel.cleanSlate() call (around line 179).

- Look at the DepartmentManager.js file. This implements an instance of DepartmentList.

- Scroll down to the end of the class declaration and look at the cleanSlate method. This method will purge the form and call the departmentList's refreshView method.

- The deparmentLists refreshView method is what will invoke a store load.

At this late in the game, i'm not too sure if i can fix the manuscript.

I hope this clears things up.