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Without updates to chapters 2, 3 and 4 for ZF1.10, this book is of little use to newbies. There is way too much missing info and way too much focus on PHPUnit tests for those that don't already understand ZF and know how to program in PHP.

Sorry, but it had to be said.
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Re: This book of little use for learning PHP and ZF together
You have a point. However, I'm going to download ZF version 1.6 and use the book. You can still learn that way.


There are a stunning lack of tutorials for 1.10 and the zf community is close to dead.

There are, however, a lot of jobs listing zf as a requirement and the zend company has a lot of muscle, so I'm going to push through it.
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Re: This book of little use for learning PHP and ZF together
Newbies may benefit from the PHP 101 tutorials at http://devzone.zend.com/. Great intro to programming in PHP. It also includes an intro to OOP programming in PHP.

Like every other PHP tutorial, you need a to have a webserver with PHP up and running on your confuser before you begin.

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Re: This book of little use for learning PHP and ZF together
If you need to learn a language (PHP) then a book about a framework (Zend) is not the way to go. There is so much material out there for PHP that adding it to this book would have been a waste of time and paper.

The requirements for 1.6 is only because that was what was available when the book was released. The author maintains a site where he provides updates and quick tutorials on new features.

In reference to the lack of tutorials. Any tutorial for ZF 1.8 or higher should work fine for 1.10. All of the changes since 1.8 have been new modules and fixes. In fact pre 1.8 code will work with one line of change to the autoloader. If you learn to access the database in ZF you can use that same knowledge to pull in RSS feeds, Google Data, etc...

In reference to the Zend Framework Community dying. Look at the IRC and mailing lists. It's far from dying. Actually many of the developers are working on the PHP 5.3 changes which will be introduced in ZF 2.0. Because of the changes in the language, the changes to the framework will be pretty big. These are all being outline and discussed in the Mailing Lists.
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Re: This book of little use for learning PHP and ZF together
I would strongly recommend going through the ZF quickstart on the ZF website or my tutorial (http://akrabat.com/zend-framework-tutorial) in order to understand ZF 1.10.

There's a lot of the book that is still relevant however, once you understand the MVC changes.


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Re: This book of little use for learning PHP and ZF together
I started with your online tutorial, and it really did help quite a bit. The quality of your tutorial is actually what prompted me to purchase your book.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with the difficulty in using your book without an up-to-date errata and change log detailing how to get the sample code from your book working under 1.11. I've had to abandon entire sections, and write alternate methods for other sections.

You've covered quite a bit of the changes, but not in any centralized place, and rarely specifically geared towards retooling your code samples. This makes it more than a little frustrating to try and patch together the gaps.

The fact that there is no available version of your book's sample code that is in any way functional under currently supported ZF versions drastically reduces your book's value to novices looking to continue on from where your online tutorial leaves off.

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