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Suggesting an update.

Chapter 12.2.4 Exporting

PostGISPlugin130.jar is OUTDATED: actual version 1.3.1a supports writing tables in schemata other than 'public', as reported in the Readme attached to the plugin.

I could test SUCCESSFULLY the new feature.

----Start quoting the readme----

--- Version 1.3.1 (2010-03-29)
Now it works with schemata.
If your database has more schemata than public
you cann access to the tables with the dot (".") notation.
For example you tablename is t123 and your
schemaname is s123 so you can access to it with
s123.t123 in the field of Table:

Attention! Please use only lower case names!

If you have questions, please mail me:

Uwe Dalluege
----Sop quoting the readme----

Best regards; Marco Foi
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Re: PostGISPlugin130.jar OUTDATED: v 1.3.1a supports shemata

Thanks for the update. We'll correct the chapter.