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All chapter drafts should be up on MEAP now including the WKT Raster chapter 13.

The last update includes various updates to other chapters, a significant rewrite of Chapter 1, and inclusion of Chapter 13.

The chapter 1 update now uses real data instead of Hello World mockup and walks you thru loading and querying. At the moment, there is a slight disconnect in chapter 3 since chapter 3 references a Hello World example from chapter 1 that no longer exists. We are working on revising that chapter to use real world data as well.

If you purchased the book via MEAP, you should get these updates shortly if you haven't already.

All the associated code and data can be found on our Book site


We'll be breaking this up later into separate downloads as well, linked to each chapter listing for those who don't want to download the whole dataset/code and just want to focus on a particular chapter.

Comments and suggestions are very welcome. We are beginning to finalize all the chapters now.