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I apologize for the possible off-topic. Guys, could you tell me which web hosting company you are using at the moment? I have a problem because my current web hosting company hostrator.com is kicking me off. They say that our website is using too many server resources. But our website only gets 300 visitors per day..

Anyway, what would be your recommendations? Are you happy with your web hosting providers?

I am checking http://www.hosting24.com/ at the moment, but is it real that they can provide unlimited disk space?
I have contacted them and they say something like "1000GB disk drive costs only $30 per month, so if some day we will start running out of disk space we will simply add a new 1000GB drive so can continue uploading..".

What do you think about it? Any ideas and web hosting company name suggestions are much appreciated.
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Re: Your web hosting provider?
I use http://www.worldtophost.com/
It has best web hosting plan and good domain name registration.
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Re: Your web hosting provider?
My web hosting provider is http://www.9cubehosting.com . there i got wonderful offers. this is full of Linux based web hosting.

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my website is hosted with https://www.seekdotnet.com which support asp.net hosting and php hosting